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The Reapers aren’t exactly what they seem. They’re the most elite of the world’s fighters–but all they have in common is that their countries and their families can never know that they exist.

Jordan Levi’s life before he became a Reaper consisted of conning rich women out of their money and their valuables. As a Reaper, he’s been able to somewhat atone for his past crimes. But when he’s ordered to use his former specialty to break into an art gallery, it threatens to unload all the guilt from his former life in one go.

Penelope Lawson left her small town in search of adventure and something more than life in a ranch town. Plagued by her mother’s suicide, she thought she’d found that something more working for an important United States senator.

Penny’s twenty-first birthday sees her unknowingly in bed with an enemy she didn’t even know she had. Jordan is captivating, a symbol of the adventure she craves. But too soon, the adventure gives way to fear, but she’s unsure if it’s Jordan himself, the raw feelings he stirs up deep inside her, or the danger he brings with him that she fears the most.

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